Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mrs. Oscar Wilde and 3 Little Kittens...Who Knew!?

This is a beautiful children's book to enjoy reading to a child.

So there I was, looking for some 19th century kitty lit to amuse you and myself, when what do I find but a beautifully illustrated colorful children's book, There Once Was, from 1888 with a admirable illustration of those naughty little kittens.  But as I gathered the pictures and prepared to post I saw the frontispiece...

...and thought. "Mrs. Oscar Wilde?".   I am exposing a gap in my education but  truth will out.  (Does it count I read many of Quentin Crisp's work?)  But, the surprise aside, it is a wonderful book that should be read to little children.  Many of the famous stories are in it that are referred to in literature in many ways...but children I see at school do not know the old stories or nursery tales.  I feel sad they will be left out of a long chain of people who know the real Puss 'n Boots (and not just a cartoon puss in a Shrek movie).

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