Thursday, December 25, 2014

Xmas 1945 - Proud as Punch Lady and Her Cat

Dad is sitting there, too, but he is doing what cats usually do - pretending no one is taking a picture.

Do I spy flashbulbs in the ash tray in the foreground?  Flash bulbs were really exciting for kids...there is a very distinctive sound to them going off!  And then you got to contemplate the used bulb which was covered with blisters of glass which had melted! Glass so hot it melted!  Wow!  I used to collect them as exotic artifacts of cataclysmic forces and wonder at the different bubbles and discolorations.   Whenever flashbulbs went square and had a bulb on 4 sides things got less exciting.  More George Jetson but less volcanic.   

Xmas 1938 - Happy Little Girl and Her Kitty

That is a fantastic perambulator and dolly!  I wonder if kitty will find himself in there soon.